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Many years ago, my Uncle Wes was listening to a political commentary on the evening news. About halfway through the piece he got up, turned the TV off and told me: "Figures don't lie but liars sure can figure" This Blog is dedicated to setting things right about a few of the numbers tossed around in today's political discussions.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Joe Biden Finds New Funding For Charity

Great news! Our esteemed vice-president, Joe Biden, has found a new source of funds to cover his magnanimous charitable contributions.

Walter F. Roche Jr., of the Pittsburgh TRIBUNE-REVIEW, reports that the vice-president has begun collecting social security payments. Of course, there is no mandatory requirement to accept those payments, but I guess Biden must have some pressing financial burdens.

Not enough to make you angry yet? Well, this makes him eligible for the $250 "stimulus payment" to be sent to all social security recipients!

What might he do with the $250? Perhaps he could use it for his charitable contributions for the year. As the Tax Prof Blog revealed a couple of days ago, Biden contributed a grand total of $120 to charity in 1999, $195 in 1998 and $260 in each of 2002 and 2003.

In fact, for the eleven years from 1998-2009, Joe coughed up a total of $5,575. That is a remarkable $9.75 per week. I say remarkable since Joe goes to church on a regular basis. Couldn't he have at leased tossed a ten dollar bill into the collection basket while he was there?

Come on Joe.

It's time to be patriotic. It's time to jump in; it's time to be part of the deal; it's time to get America out of the rut.
Let's see you give the whole $250 to charity all at once. I know it'll hurt, but just try it once.

Or better yet, lets try this. Just refuse the money, Joe. You do that, and someone in the country will be $250 ahead. I'll assume it is me and I'll then give $250 to someone living well below the poverty line who actually needs it! Deal? Get in the game!


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